Atlanta PTG Summary: Ironic (part 2)

This is an extract from my personal notes and public etherpads from the OpenStack PTG 2017 in Atlanta. A lot of text ahead!

CI and testing


Missing CI coverage


Cirros finally released a stable version with UEFI support built in. A non-voting job is running with partition images, should be made voting soon. A test with whole disk images will be introduced as part of standalone tests.

Local bootloader

Requires small enough instance images with Grub2 present (Cirros does not have it). We agreed to create a new repository with scripts to build suitable images. Potentially can be shared with other teams (e.g. Neutron).

Actions: lucasagomes and/or vsaienko to look into it.

Adopt state

Tests have been up for some time, but have ordering issues with nova-based tests. Suggesting TheJulia to move them to standalone tests.

Root device hints

Not covered by any CI. Will need modifying how we create virtual machines. First step is to get size-based hints work. Check two cases: with size strictly equal and greater than requested.

Actions: dtantsur to look into it.

Capabilities-based scheduling

This may actually go to Nova gate, not ours. Still, it relies on some code in our driver, so we'd better cover it to ensure that the placement API changes don't break it.

Actions: vsaienko to look into it.

Port groups

The same image problem as with local boot - the same action item to create a repository with build scripts to build our images.

VLAN-aware instances

The same image problem + requires reworking our network simulation code.

Conductor take over and hash ring

Requires a separate multi-node job.

Action: vsaienko to investigate.

DIB-based IPA image

Currently the ironic-agent element to build such image is in the DIB repository outside of our control. If we want to properly support it, we need to gate on its changes, and to gate IPA changes on its job. Some time ago we had a tentative agreement to move the element to our tree.

It was blocked by the fact that DIB rarely or never removes elements, and does not have a way to properly de-duplicate elements with the same name.

An obvious solution we are going to propose is to take this element in IPA tree under a different name (ironic-python-agent?). The old element will get deprecated and only critical fixes will be accepted for it.


dtantsur to (re)start this discussion with the TripleO and DIB teams.

API microversions testing

We are not sure we have tests covering all microversions. We seem to have API tests using fake driver that cover at least some of them. We should start paying more attention to this part of our testing.


dtantsur to check if these tests are up-to-date and split them to a separate CI job. pas-ha to write API tests for internal API (i.e. lookup/heartbeat).

Global OpenStack goals

Splitting away tempest plugins

It did not end up a goal for Pike, and there are still some concerns in the community. Still, as we already apply ugly hacks in our jobs to use the tempest plugin from master, we agreed to proceed with the split.

To simplify both maintenance and consuming our tests, we agreed to merge ironic and ironic-inspector plugins. The introspection tests will or will not run based on ironic-inspector presence.

We propose having a merged core team (i.e. ironic-inspector-core which already includes ironic-core) for this repository. We trust people who only have core rights on ironic-inspector to not approve things they're not authorized to approve.

Python 3 support

We've been running Python 3 unit tests for quite some time. Additionally, ironic-inspector runs a non-voting Python 3 functional test. Ironic has an experimental job which fails, apparently, because of swift. We can start with switching this job to the pxe_ipmitool driver (not requiring swift). Inspector does not have a Python 3 integration tests job proposed yet.


JayF and hurricanerix will drive this work in both ironic and ironic-inspector.

lucasagomes to check pyghmi and virtualbmc compatibility.

krtaylor and/or mjturek to check MoltenIron.

We agreed that Bifrost is out of scope for this task. Its Python 3 compatibility mostly depends on one of Ansible anyway. Similarly, for the UI we need horizon to be fully Python 3 compatible first.

Important decisions

We recommend vendors to make their libraries compatible with Python 3. It may become a strict requirement in one of the coming releases.

API behind WSGI container

This seems quite straightforward. The work has started to switch ironic CI to WSGI already. For ironic-inspector it's going to be done as part of the HA work.


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