Russian government is currently leading a full-scale bloody war in the neighboring state of Ukraine. Thousands of residential building have been destroyed by daily bombings, millions of people have become refugees. Civilians, including women and children, are being tortured, executed and left on the streets to rot. At the same time, people in Russia are jailed for any sign of disagreement. Thousands had to urgently leave the country. The author of this blog condemns this brutal, inhumane and heartless act of unprovoced aggression. Read the full statement.

About Me

Hi! I am Dmitry Tantsur aka Creepy Owlet. I do software development for living, currently involved in the ironic project. I am also a Rust language enthusiast, and has recently taken on embedded development. I believe in free and open-source software and has been using and developing it for years.

I speak Russian, English and some German. My biggest passions are mountain hiking and bouldering.

Finally, I live in Düsseldorf and open to meeting new people!


  • Ironic is a bare metal provisioning and life cycle project. As of 2020 I have been contributing to it for 6 years! Check my posts with "ironic" tag.

  • Metal3 provides native API to manage bare metal machines in Kubernetes.

  • rust-openstack and rust-osauth are two projects I've started, their goal is to provide OpenStack API SDK in Rust.

  • MiniScript is an embedded scripting engine for Python with syntax inspired by Ansible.

  • Illusory Temple is a soft-rock music band I've started together with Kira. Unfortunately, the band is on hiatus now :(

  • A book is coming together under the wise leadership of Kira! Any details later.

  • I've got a HiFive1 rev B recently. No idea what I will do with it, but definitely something great.

Contact Me

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If you want to contact me with...

  • … a question about ironic, better use the openstack-discuss mailing list with an [ironic] tag in email subject.

  • … a job offer, this is not the right time. Okay, if you have something really mind-blowing, something I could not even think about, contact me on LinkedIn. Please do make sure to get acquainted my skills and interests!

  • … copy or reuse any parts of this site? See licensing.