About Me

Hi! I am Dmitry Tantsur aka Creepy Owlet. I do software development for living, currently involved in the ironic project. I am also a Rust language enthusiast, and has recently taken on embedded development. I believe in free and open-source software and has been using and developing it for years.

I speak Russian, English and some German. My biggest passions are mountain hiking and bouldering.

Finally, I live in Düsseldorf and open to meeting new people!


  • Ironic is a bare metal provisioning and life cycle project. As of 2020 I have been contributing to it for 6 years! Check my posts with "ironic" tag.

  • Metal3 provides native API to manage bare metal machines in Kubernetes.

  • rust-openstack and rust-osauth are two projects I've started, their goal is to provide OpenStack API SDK in Rust.

  • MiniScript is an embedded scripting engine for Python with syntax inspired by Ansible.

  • Illusory Temple is a soft-rock music band I've started together with Kira. Unfortunately, the band is on hiatus now :(

  • A book is coming together under the wise leadership of Kira! Any details later.

  • I've got a HiFive1 rev B recently. No idea what I will do with it, but definitely something great.

Contact Me

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If you want to contact me with...

  • … a question about ironic, better use the openstack-discuss mailing list with an [ironic] tag in email subject.

  • … a job offer, this is not the right time. Okay, if you have something really mind-blowing, something I could not even think about, contact me on LinkedIn. Please do make sure to get acquainted my skills and interests!

  • … copy or reuse any parts of this site? See licensing.