On the May 9th

Today is May 9th.

To be honest, this day has lost its initial meaning quite long ago, turning from the day of mourning into a day of saber-rattling, nationalistic slogans about the "unique Russian nation" and imperialistic nostalgia. But this year the masks are off. From "never again" through "can repeat" right into "repeated". Oh, truly repeated, the German predecessors would be proud. Here you got an Anschluss, speeches about traitors of nation, the great nation, that everyone definitely wants to destroy. And, of course, murders, destruction, rape. A brutal punishment for the "lower nation", which dared to think with its own head. Dared to follow its dream.

This May 9th we meet finally and irrevocably not as people-defeaters of fascism, but as fascists under the heel of a deranged dictator. The high time to buy German post-war literature, before it gets banned. We'll need to learn how to live afterwards. How to live when you're monsters for the whole world. How to live wondering, how many young girls, women has your neighbor's son dishonored and killed. The boy, who has returned from the unjust war and is now drinking himself into oblivion. Wondering, how many children became orphans, how many died because we couldn't stop the monster from taking charge, and then submersed into the war frenzy and the comfort lies of the propaganda. How to live under reparations and demilitarization (and thanks God that at least an occupation through NATO is nothing more than a sick propagandist fantasy).

Still better than a win in this war. Thanks God that Putin has been and is surrounded by incompetent sycophants, for whom the words "homeland" and "money" sound all the same. Thanks God we're losing the war - what an evil irony!

Enough with celebrations! We're no longer the liberators. Слава Україні is not just a slogan of solidarity with the oppressed. It is they who are fighting for the future of Europe and the whole world. It is they who are protecting the world from fascism, from imperialism, from the power-hungry murderers and their cruel slaves. The peoples are looking up to them. Their president is setting an example for other rulers. Their deeds will leave traces in the history of humanity. They'll celebrate a new Victory day - and we won't be invited. Glory to Ukraine - and shame on us for decades to come. Maybe forever.

Look, how many people still blame Germany? After 80 years, a completely different country, that has gone through a painful and humiliating transformation. The country, whose chancellor has kneed on the Jewish cemetery. And we, both as a nation and as a country, are pathologically incapable of admitting mistakes. The Red Terror, Gulag, punitive psychiatry? Happened to someone else. The secret amendment to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact? Lies. The war with Finland? We were just helping them not to freeze. Tanks in Prague, the Berlin Wall? La-la-la, not hearing anything. We're not a nation-defeater, we're a nation-teenager. Spoiled and prone to crimes.

Of course, there should be another unpleasant conversation. How the collective West for two decades has encouraged Putin, tolerated his aggression, looked away when Russia was turned into an autocracy. How they have paid (and still are paying!) millions of Euro per day (not a typo) for the Russian (read: Putin's) gas. How they have been delivering weapons even under sanctions. How they sold villas, parked yachts, taught children of the oligarchs and those in power. How they've condescendingly ignored pleas for help from the opposition. "Your internal problems." Hey, are they still our internal problems? Anyway, I'm afraid that the future victory will sweep these sins are the carpet, in the same way as the two years of alliance between the USSR and the Third Reich 80 years ago.

Well, that will stay on their conscience, we have to do something about us. The time for protests is essentially over, but the time to resist is now. Of course, it's easy for me to talk about it from a free country that understands all too well how easy it is to step on the road to hell. But any of us can do something. The Russians abroad must spreading information, calling for help to Ukraine, exposing Western politicians who soiled themselves with friendship with Putin. Helping refugees. Telling the truth that would result in jail time for anyone residing in the brave new Putin's Russia. Staying the voice of reason, a beam of light in the brown swamp. And those who stayed back - do not give up. It's scary to protest, it's risky to put up leaflets. But at least do not surrender, don't retreat to the warm nest of propaganda lies. Don't work for fascists, don't serve fascists, don't promote their ideas, don't approve, don't agree. Believe that the Good will win. Even if it defeats us.

Today is May 9th. I have nothing to congratulate you with.